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Invasion of the Body Snatchers - Don Siegel, 1956

WRITING (chapter nine)

While any good script must provide a director with ample raw material to construct the basic shots of a film, a truly great script offers nonverbal figurative clues too. Filmmakers use figurative techniques, analagous to literary motifs, symbols etc., to express the thoughts, ideas or themes of characters, time periods or authors.

After viewing the selected clips, describe one use of a literary motif in each.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A literary motif can be presented in many different ways. Two ways it can be presented is visual and through music. In the movie "Scarface" by Brian De Palma, The makers of the film uses Life as the theme to fuel the motif. The clips of shootouts represents life in a bad way, when you are involved in illegal things.
A literary motif in Omega Man by Boris Sagal, was done using sound such as instruments like bongs, to tie into the papers blowing all over the streets symbolizing desertion 0f the town.
The literary motif used in Bonnie and Clyde by Arthur Penn, used the theme also to fuel the literary motif , which was kind of a psychotic romance between a couple. The opening clip with the two of them posing smiling at each other with what what would be exposed as their favorite guns. symbolizes their love for violence.
The literary motif i depicted in Invasion of the Body Snatchers by Don Siegel, it was a visual representation used to inform the viewer of the theme of thefilm.

Anonymous said...

In the movie “Scarface” by Brian de Palma (1983) the motifs used are The American Flag and Michelle pfeiffer representing the American beauty. In the movie “The Omega Man” the last man on earth by Boris Sagal (1971) the motif used are the phones ringing in an empty city, the wide shot of the city representing no life, also the use of light reflectors to represent protection and safety. In the movie Bonnie and Clyde by Arthur Penn (1967) the young beautiful woman Clyde is used to represent danger and beauty. Guns and fast classical moving cars represent danger. All the scenes of danger also represent a motif of love between Bonnie and Clyde. Invasion of the Body Snatchers - Don Siegel (1956) the motif use is people mutating into an aliens kind of monsters

Anonymous said...

The motif in Scarface, is The blond the what we would call the beautiful woman every man wants. The producers emphasizes on her beauty and class. In Omega man the motif would be the deserted street and the fact that he is going crazy. In body snatchers the main character is used in both the original and the remake. In the Bonny and Clyde the ongoing love affaire of the two but then again the bad man with the beautiful but bad woman by his side. Through it all the music has a great deal to do with every scene. The music set the audience up so they can be aware of what is coming next. (AD)

Anonymous said...

In the clip "Scarface" by Brian de Palma (1983)is basically about living the American dream as Al Pacino mentions. He also talks about if you want to live in America you have to work hard,then you have to work for the money. When you bascially have accomplished those things then you can get the women as he mentions. Another thing, in the opening scene you see the American flag which symbolizes that they are in the United States, and towards the end of the scene, you then see the american dollars being counted.
In the clip "The Omega Man" by Boris Sagal (1971) was basically about the last man on earth,The motif was he eventually turned out to not be alone. In the beginning of the movie it looks like he is alone because all your hear is phones ringing which shows that he is the last man on earth. Towards the middle of the clip you then see people throwing fire at the buildings and you can also hear them making noises and screaming.
In the clip "Bonnie and Clyde" by Arthur Penn (1967)the motif of this was they were a couple who were both in love and they were also both killing people.
In the clip "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" by Don Siegel
(1956)the motif was humans being replaced by emotional alien copies. Another thing is the monsters did not look scary at all they looked just like normal humans.

Iddan said...

A motif for Scarface is the American Dream. This term is repeated over and over, and is the basis for everything in the movie, from his struggles to his successes. In the Omega Man, a motif is the "the Last Man on Earth." By over emphasizing this, they want us to believe that he is the last man on earth. A motif for Boonie and Clyde is the use of guns. This indicates that they live a dangerous and violent life. In Invasion of the body snatchers a motif is the phrase they are coming. This is the warning for when the body snatching pods are coming.

Keston said...

One of the literary motif present in scarface would be the writing of the theme. The writing is known for its black on top of white and white on top of black style. Another motif present in scarface is the style in which he talks and the idea of living the American Dream.
A motif present in The Omega Man is the last man standing always carry a gun.
A motif present in Bonnie and Clyde is the way they introduce the characters. The Color may vary but the style stays the same through out.
The motif present in the invasion of the body snatchers are aliens comming from outer space replacing human beings with emotionless clones.

Anonymous said...

Movies have many motif's and its hard to pin point the most stand out once since they are designed to all stand out. The motif from scarface that stands out to me the most is the quote "The world is yours" which is shown at many times through out the film to reemphasize the American dream idea. In Omega Man a motif used is showing how no one is left by showing the empty city. In Bonnie and Clyde the characters often show their guns and guns are used to show power and cause fear.

Yung D said...
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Yung D said...

Davian said
The Motif that "Scarface" fall in is the chase for the American Dream, and the pursuit to reach that dream always end up with drama. Another example of this motif is "The America Gansta" "The Omega Man" follows the motif that the last man on earth has to have a gun, and eventually he have to defend himself against surprising survivors on earth as well. An example of this motif is "I am legend" "Bonnie and Clyde" follows the motif that guns bring power, surprisingly, there is another motif included in this film and it is the endless love between lovers. An example is "Romeo and Juliet" "Invasion of a Body Snatcher" is clear and direct, the motif it follows is the typical outer space alien try to take over the earth, but in the end the aliens are not successful. An example is almost every alien movie.

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