Tuesday, April 29, 2008

CT205: Final Schedule Update

Below is the final schedule of class meetings and assignment due dates.

4/29: Class meeting - chapters 11
Essay three bibliography due
5/01: Class meeting - chapter 12

5/06: No class - work day
5/08: Storyboard presentations

5/13: Final review
Essay three final draft due!!
5/15: No class - study day

5/22: Final exam @6p


Anonymous said...
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Keston said...

The tone of a movie refers to the manner in which the movie is presented and affects the atmosphere to the audience intended by the film maker. There are many ways to change the tone of a movie. One way to affect the tone of a movie is by voice over. A movie with a narrative style would certainly change the mood of a scene depending on the tone of voice of the person doing the narration.
Another way to change the tone of the music is by the music. Music is widely used to change the mood of a film from happy to sad to scared or any emotion possible the film maker wants the audience to feel.
Acting Styles are also a way that the tone of a movie can be set.
The Lighting of a movie also sets the tone of a movie.
In the movie vantage point, the director sets the tone by using both acting styles and music to bring some type of fear to the viewers.

Anonymous said...

Movie tone consists of many things, but in particular it establishes the way a movie or a scene is made to give a feeling to the audience.
A few techniques used to establish, maintain, and change the tone of a film is as follows: the type of lighting; it can either be soft or medium, the lighting can also be blurred, darkened or even lightened to create feeling in a particular scene.
Another technique can be the change of sound, there can be static added to make it sound like it is an old movie.
Another technique can be how the actors and actresses are dressed, this can also set the tone by showing that the movie could be a 80's movie, a young crowd movie or even an old crowd movie.
In the movie that I saw which was Shutter freaked me out because there were different techniques that were used to set the tone such as lighting, color, and sound etc. The combination of these techniques basically gave a feeling of being scared.

Anonymous said...

According to the textbook tone in the movies refer to its manner of presentation, the atmosphere the film maker creates. Tone can be altered it can affect ones response to any value. Some of the techniques used to change the tone in film is the acting, the genre, voice-over, and music just to name a few. The movie I would have to say that uses tone is Fame. (AD)