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Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver, 1976


ACTING (chapter six)

What is iconography? How is this status related to a star's classification as either a personality star or an actor star? View each of the clips below, and explain why the star is a personality star or an actor star. Then, give at least one example of the iconic use of each star today.


Kyle Dabrowski said...

Iconography is when we look at a actor in a certain role and can associate them with a type of character like Marlon brando as the Gangster mob boss.

James Dean is a Personality star, when we see him in "Rebel without a Cause" we gain a link to him and he becomes famouse for this role.

Marilyn Monroe is a Actor star because she is famous for not meeting a certain role but instead for her many roles and it is her presence that makes the movie a hit.

Rebert DiNero takes on the role of a Italian mobster /gangster and he becomes famous for it any time we see him in a certain dress or style of movie without even hearing lines we think this of him. That makes him a personality star.

Anonymous said...

Iconography is the presence delivered by the actor or th role that the ator tends to meet.
James Dean is a ppesonality scene because when he meets the role of changing his whole natural behavior to step outside his mind and into someone else's makes him famous for damatic movies.
Robert De Niro is also a personality star because he fits the stereotype of what made him famous for almost every movie. To the point where people hear Robrt de Niro and automatically think mobster movie or gangster flick. Scarface 1,2 &3

Anonymous said...

Mrilyn Monroe was an actor star because she became famous off of her presence she brings to the scene, she was never required to meet a certain role.

Anonymous said...


Iconography is the stereotype an actor has in portraying a specific image. This means that every time you see this actor your going to class them to a specific genre. Jim Carry for example is an icon of mostly comedy.

Robert DiNero is what we call a personality star because this is his iconography or this is what he is most famous for in the films he act in.

Unlike DiNero, Marilyn Monroe would be classed as an actor star because her personality changes as she acts in different movies and plays different roles. Her presents in a movie is what counts.

Iddan said...

Iconography in terms of actors, is the association of an actor with a certain genre or style. Whenever we see them we automatically associate them with that style.
A personality star is recognized for their personality. We might look at that as a personality icon. An actor star takes on the personalities of other characters/people. In cases where the acting is especially memorable, we tend to remember them for their iconic roles.
In Rebel without a Cause James Dean is an actor star, taking on the personality and likeness of a troubled teen. In Seven Year Itch Marilyn Monroe is a personality actor as she smiles, giggles, and walks showing her actual nature. Robert DiNero is an actor star in Taxi Driver, assuming the role of gangster.

Anonymous said...

Iconography is the use of well-known cultural symbol or complex of symbols in an artistic representation. In the film industry Iconography is related to the way an actor represents him/her self as to a personality star or an actor star. A personality star is an actor who is always that person, is being who you are no matter what the role is. For instance Brat Pitt is a good example of a personality actor because no matter what role he is playing, he is still Brat Pitt, Marilyn Monroe is another good example of a personality star because she is always who she is in all her films, as to her hair, her sexy figure, and body moves. On the other hand an actor star is an actor who stars in a diversity of roles; he/she can become that character as an example Denzel Washington, and Robin Williams can play a diversity of roles and become that character in the film.

Anonymous said...

Iconography is known to be the use of a well-known cultural symbol or complex of symbols in an artistic representation. For example in movies, iconography can involve a star's persona, the pre-established conventions of a genre, or the use of archetypal characters and situations, and such stylistic features as lighting, settings, costuming, props, and so on as mentioned in the book.

In "Rebel without a Cause" I would have to say that James Dean is a personality star.

In the movie "Seven Year Itch" I would have to say that Marilyn Monroe is a Actor star.

In the movie "Taxi Driver" I would have to say that Robert DiNero is a personality star.

Anonymous said...


Iconography can be define as images or symbolic things that represent or is associated with people or a subject.
When we look at various different films, we think about who is an actor or personality actor. There are many actors on the top of my head that i can say is personality actor. ( Johnny Dep, Harrison Ford) and many others. And then we have people like Brad Pitt, Marilyn Monore,that are plain acotrs because they are famous for doing different roles in movies all the time. Unlike Robert DiNero (personality actor), we mainly see him taking the role of being a mobster in various films.

Yung D said...

Iconography is when actors get placed into a set stereotypical role, and is always associated with that from of stereotype. An actor star is the actor that can become a complete different person and is own personality is not present for that moment. An actor star mainly use the acting style METHOD ACTING, where as a personality star mainly fall with the CLASSICAL style. A good example of a actor star is Jamie Fox, when he played the role of RAY CHARLES, he became that person. With that being said, he was noticed for his role he played and won a OSCAR for his role. A personality star is Brad Bitt and Harison Ford who get roles base on who they are and the script was form around their personality, instead of them become the character.

Anonymous said...

Iconography is defined as the use of a well known cultural symbol or complex of symbols in an artistic representation. In other word attaching association of a role to the character. Marilyn Monroe is a actor star because to me she is not put in any special category of any kind, she plays the part well. Personality star by far Robert Dinero my first look at scar-face he laid it down and he is that iconic voice that everyone knows.(AD)

Anonymous said...

Iconography is when we take an actor that we're watching and type cast them as only being able to play in one type of role. The audience can't get past them as that type of character. One of the best examples from a 90's actor would Jaleel White who played the "Steve Urkel" character on the show Family Matters. His acting career hasn't been the same since that show ended in the late 90's. This is mainly due in part to his iconography of being that "Urkel" character that was widely loved by the U.S. throughout the early 90's.
James Dean is definitely an actor star in this situation of "Rebel Without A Cause." For one thing we know that he isn't really a troubled teen as shown in that scene. This means that he took that role and became the character that he set out to play.
Marilyn Monroe is a personality star. She is known for her excellent acting ability, but for her grace and beauty. She did take upon different roles and played numerous characters, but she mainly got a lot of those roles because of how she looks and filmmakers knew that she would attract an audience especially males.
Robert DiNero is an actor star because he can play any role that is given to him. He's an excellent actor period. He has played the Italian gangster role a lot in his career, but he does it for the money not because he's being type casted and that's all that is offered to him. He just happens to be an Italian American that can act very well, and this country is in love with the gangster image since the era of the Depression. Considering how big the Mafia is in the U.S. of course you're going to see several movies on people being associated with it. Thus we give you DiNero's career.

Anonymous said...

Iconography is the acting of a character that reflects who they are in a scene or how far they can go to push them selves to become a character. Brad Pitt is a personality actor in most of his movie plays himself and does not go deep in to character unlike Jonny Deep who is a method actor who gets deep into the character he plays.

Robert Dinero in "Taxi Driver" is an personality/ method actor. He changes himself to become a role and play the character. On the other hand Marilyn Monroe in "The Seven Year Itch" is an Actor Star she plays the role that she is a sex symbol in all sense of the word. Furthermore, James Dean in "Rebel With Out a Cause" is an method actor also. Becoming the character that he is given to play.